Cézanne, Paul: Portraits
Even Cézanne's pictures of people can be regarded as still lifes, because he demanded that his models sit absolutely still. Sitting for him was something of a nightmare. Not only was he foul-tempered, he was an extremely slow painter, probably the reason his subjects always look tired and sombre. Ambroise Vollard, the dealer who arranged Cézanne's first one-man show a century ago, posed 115 times for a single painting, sitting absolutely still "like an apple" and then Cézanne, dissatisfied, abandoned the picture with only two unpainted spots remaining. He told Vollard that with luck he would find the correct color and could finish the painting. "The prospect of this made me tremble," noted Vollard in his biography of the painter. In the artist's eye, there was no difference between a human sitter and a bowl of fruit, except that the reflection value and the palette were different. In the end, both his subjects and his fruit wilted.
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805 x 1063 195.0K
195.0K, 805 x 1063

Gustave Geffroy
Painted: 1895
Oil on canvas
45 5/8 x 35 in
Collection of Rene Lecomte
Seated Peasant
Painted: 1895-1900
Oil on canvas
21 1/2 x 17 3/4 in
Museum of Art

910 x 1106 99.3K
99.3K, 910 x 1106

707 x 1186 173.2K
173.2K, 707 x 1186

Portrait of the Artist's Father
Painted: 1866
Oil on canvas
198.5 x 119.3 cm
National Gallery of Art
Chocquet Seated
Painted: 1877
Oil on canvas
25 1/2" x 22 1/2"
Gallery of Fine Arts, Columbus

927 x 1182 148.3K
148.3K, 927 x 1182

805 x 1044 161.2K
161.2K, 805 x 1044

Hortense Fiquet in a Striped Skirt
Painted: 1877-78
Oil on canvas
72.5 x 56 cm
Museum of Fine Arts
Boy in a Red Vest
(Garçon au gilet rouge)
Painted: 1888-90
Oil on canvas
65.7 x 54.7 cm
The Barnes Foundation, Merion

829 x 1016 129.5K
129.5K, 829 x 1016

905 x 1195 141.7K
141.7K, 905 x 1195

Portrait of Victor Chocquet
Painted: 1875
Oil on canvas
45.7 x 36.8 cm
Collection Lord Victor Rothschild
Self-Portrait with Soft Hat
Painted: 1894
Oil on canvas
60.2 x 50.1 cm
Bridgestone Museum of Art

798 x 1108 131.5K
131.5K, 798 x 1108

833 x 996 127.5K
127.5K, 833 x 996

Le paysan (Peasant)
Painted: 1891
Oil on canvas
56 x 46 cm
Private collection
Woman in a Red-Striped Dress
Painted: 1892-96
Oil on canvas
93.2 x 73 cm
The Barnes Foundation, Merion

811 x 1070 122.7K
122.7K, 811 x 1070

 Geffroy, Gustav
Geffroy, Gustav (1855-1926) A radical journalist who commenced his career on Clemenceau's paper Justice. His literary activities later took many forms; he wrote extensively about current political and social injustices and published a number of novels with a strongly Realist bent. His interest in painting and especially in Impressionism was kindled by a visit he paid to Manet's studio in 1876, as a consequence of which he came into contact with all the other artists of the group, as well as Rodin, and maintained an on-going correspondance with most of them. His closest connection was with Monet, whom he first met at Belle-Ile in 1886 and about whom, some 30 years later, he wrote a book -- Claude Monet, sa vie, son temps, son oeuvre (1824) -- which is still valuable in many ways.

All his writings about Impressionism are significant and amongst the most intelligently perceptive of his time. His articles about contemporary art were collected in the eight volumes of La Vie artistique, published between 1892 and 1903, the third volume, entitled Histoire de l'impressionisme, being the most comprehensive book about the movement that had so far appeared. It consisted of a historical opening section followed by individual chapters devoted to each artist. He also wrote introductions to the catalogues of one-person exhibitions by Pissarro, Monet, Rodin and Morisot, as well as to that of the sale of the Burty collection. He ended his career as the director of the Gobelins tapestry factory.

831 x 1039 224.3K
224.3K, 831 x 1039

Child with Straw Hat
Painted: 1896
Oil on canvas
81 x 65 cm
Galerie Yoshii
Joachim Gasquet
Painted: 1896
Oil on canvas
65.5 x 54.5 cm
Narodni Galerie

849 x 1017 117.3K
117.3K, 849 x 1017

837 x 1012 131.8K
131.8K, 837 x 1012

Portrait of Henri Gasquet
Painted: 1896-97
Oil on canvas
56.2 x 47 cm
McNay Art Institute
San Antonio
Jeune homme à la tête de mort
Painted: 1896-98
(Boy with Skull)
Oil on canvas
130.2 x 97.3 cm
The Barnes Foundation, Merion

798 x 1108 131.5K
131.5K, 798 x 1108

820 x 1045 136.8K
136.8K, 820 x 1045

Portrait of Ambroise Vollard
Painted: 1899
Oil on canvas
100.3 x 81.3 cm
Musee du Petit Palais
Young Italian Girl Resting on Her Elbow
Painted: 1900
Oil on canvas
92 x 73 cm
Collection of William Rosenthal
New York

827 x 1056 152.5K
152.5K, 827 x 1056

830 x 1023 120.6K
120.6K, 830 x 1023

Woman Seated in Blue
Painted: 1900-02
Oil on canvas
88.5 x 72 cm
Portrait of Vallier
Painted: 1906
Oil on canvas
65 x 54 cm
Private collection

837 x 1041 203.3K
203.3K, 837 x 1041

480 x 650 49.7K
49.7K, 480 x 650

Man in a Room
Oil on canvas
80 x 57.2 cm
The Barnes Foundation, Merion
The Drinker
Painted: 1600-01
Oil on canvas
45.7 x 37.5 cm
The Barnes Foundation, Merion

540 x 650 51.4K
51.4K, 540 x 650