Degas, Edgar: Ballet dancers
There are many great paintings to remind us that the artists of the Impressionist age were sensitively aware of contemporary life. Among the supreme masterpieces of the century are Degas's pictures of the ballet and its dancers. The impulse towards painting the contemporary scene came to him not only from Courbet and Manet but from his friend, the critic Duranty, the exponent of the aesthetics of naturalism. Yet in the particular direction of his tastes and his conception of design he was entirely individual. To study and convey movement was a chosen task, first undertaken on the race course and then in his many pictures of the Opera, viewed from behind the scenes, in the wings, or from the orchestra stalls during a performance.

998 x 835 156.0K
156.0K, 998 x 835

Four Dancers
Oil on canvas
151.1 x 180.2 cm
National Gallery of Art

Ballet Rehearsal
Painted: 1875
Gouache and Pastel on canvas
21-3/4" x 27"
George Frelinghuysen Collection
New York

735 x 600 45.7K
45.7K, 735 x 600

870 x 988 144.9K
144.9K, 870 x 988

La classe de danse
(The Dancing class)
Painted: 1873-75
Oil on canvas
85 x 75 cm
Musee d'Orsay
The Dance Class

526 x 419 28.1K
28.1K, 526 x 419

636 x 415 26.6K
26.6K, 636 x 415

Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen from Les Lauves
Painted: 1904-06
Oil on canvas
66 x 81.5 cm
Private collection

Danseuse assise
(Seated Dancer)
Painted: 1879-80
Charcoal and pastel
on paper mounted on pasteboard
63.5 x 48.7 cm
The Hermitage
St. Petersburg

873 x 1162 130.5K
130.5K, 873 x 1162

640 x 350 37.9K
37.9K, 640 x 350

La danseuse aux chaussons
(The Star Dancer on Stage)
Painted: 1878
Pastel on paper
60 x 44 cm
Musee d'Orsay

761 x 1100 151.1K
151.1K, 761 x 1100

1067 x 809 126.9K
126.9K, 1067 x 809

The Rehearsal
Painted: 1873-78
Oil on canvas
41 x 61.7 cm
Fogg Art Museum

Singer with a Glove
Painted: 1878
Pastel and liquid medium on canvas
52.8 x 41.1 cm
Fogg Art Museum

805 x 1047 116.1K
116.1K, 805 x 1047

529 x 703 43.3K
43.3K, 529 x 703

The Singer in Green
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York
Three Dancers in Violet Tutues
(Three Dancers, Violet Skirts)
Painted: 1898
Private collection

340 x 511 33.3K
33.3K, 340 x 511

724 x 900 171.3K
171.3K, 724 x 900

Three Ballet Dancers
(One with Dark Crimson Waist)
Painted: 1899
Pastel on paper
23 1/4 x 19 1/4 in
Barnes Foundation