Portrait of Josette Gris

705 x 1180 100.4K
100.4K, 705 x 1180

Portrait of Josette Gris
Painted: 1916
Oil on panel
116 x 73 cm
Museo del Prado

Surely one of Gris's greatest achievements, the Portrait of Josette is based on his studies after Corot and CÚzanne. He magnificently integrates foreground and background elements on one plane. This feat is accomplished primarily through color rhythms that unite differing spatial planes. The blacks, employed, to signify bosom, derriere, and leg, as well as the prominent shadow of the figure, all occupy places on the forward plane. Transparency does not result in an illusion of depth but instead becomes another means of joining planes of the picture. The composition is a dynamic medley of pictorial elements.