Kiefer, Anselm
Kiefer, Anselm (born 1945), German painter, born in Donaueschingen; 1966 left law studies at Univ. of Freiburg to study at art academies in Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Dusseldorf; made huge paintings using symbolic photographic images to deal ironically with 20th-c. German history; developed array of visual symbols commenting on tragic aspects of German history and culture, particularly Nazi period; in 1970s painted series of landscapes that capture rutted, somber German countryside; paintings of 1980s acquired physical presence through use of perspective devices and unusual textures; broadened themes to include references to ancient Hebrew and Egyptian history.

1125 x 757 266.8K
266.8K, 1125 x 757

(in two parts)
Painted: 1986
Acrylic, emulsion, shellac, and gold leaf on canvas
With steel and lead
380 x 560 cm
Collection of Susan and Lewis Manilow

Painted: 1981
Oil and straw on canvas
280 x 380 cm
Saatchi Collection

1088 x 777 292.0K
292.0K, 1088 x 777

1090 x 780 291.0K
291.0K, 1090 x 780

Die Meistersinger
Painted: 1981-82
Oil, emulsion, and sand on photograph
Mounted on canvas
280 x 380 cm
Private collection

Painted: 1982
Acrylic, emulsion, and straw on canvas
280 x 380 cm
Collection of Eli and Edythe L. Broad
Los Angeles

1076 x 780 316.2K
316.2K, 1076 x 780

767 x 1128 202.9K
202.9K, 767 x 1128

Painted: 1973
Oil, acrylic, and charcoal on burlap
290 x 180 cm
Collection Sanders

Your Golden Hair, Margarete
Painted: 1981
Oil, emulsion, and straw on canvas
130 x 170 cm
Collection Sanders

1052 x 796 316.3K
316.3K, 1052 x 796

1367 x 608 257.0K
257.0K, 1367 x 608

March Heath
Painted: 1974
Oil, acrylic, and shellac on burlap
118 x 254 cm
Van Abbemuseum

Nero Paints
Painted: 1974
Oil on canvas
220 x 300 cm
Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst

1081 x 788 287.9K
287.9K, 1081 x 788

1191 x 701 288.8K
288.8K, 1191 x 701

Painted: 1984
Oil, acrylic, emulsion, shellac and straw
Mounted on canvas, with woodcut
330 x 555 cm
Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Red Sea
Painted: 1984-85
Oil, emulsion, and shellac on photograph
Mounted on canvas, with woodcut and lead
278.8 x 425.1 cm
Museum of Modern Art
New York

1133 x 732 240.2K
240.2K, 1133 x 732