Davis, Stuart
Davis, Stuart (1894-1964). American painter.

He grew up in an artistic environment, for his father was art director of a Philadelphia newspaper, who had employed Luks, Glackens, and other members of the Eight. He studied with Robert Henri 1910-13, made covers and drawings for the social realist periodical The Masses, which was associated with the Ash-can School, and exhibited watercolors in the Armory Show, which made an overwhelming impact on him. After a visit to Paris in 1928-29 he introduced a new note into US Cubism, basing himself on its Synthetic rather than its Analytical phase. Using natural forms, particularly forms suggesting the characteristic environment of American life, he rearranged them into flat poster-like patterns with precise outlines and sharply contrasting colors (House and Street, Whitney Museum, New York, 1931).

He later went over to pure abstract patterns, into which he often introduced lettering, suggestions of advertisements, posters, etc. (Owh! in San Pao, Whitney Museum, 1951). The zest and dynamism of such works reflect his interest in jazz. Davis is generally considered to be the outstanding American artist to work in a Cubist idiom. He made witty and original use of it and created a distinctive American style, for however abstract his works became he always claimed that every image he used had its source in observed reality: `I paint what I see in America, in other words I paint the American Scene.'

1068 x 780 115.7K
115.7K, 1068 x 780

New York Waterfront
Painted: 1938
Oil on canvas
56 x 77 cm
Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Report from Rockport
Painted: 1940
Oil on canvas
24 x 30 in
Collection Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lowenthal
New York

1036 x 830 179.1K
179.1K, 1036 x 830

1054 x 819 105.5K
105.5K, 1054 x 819

Painted: 1951
Oil on canvas
40 x 52 in
The Museum of Modern Art
New York

Rapt at Rappaport's
Painted: 1952
Oil on canvas
52 x 40 in
Hirshhorn Museum

801 x 1048 114.9K
114.9K, 801 x 1048

819 x 1015 163.9K
163.9K, 819 x 1015

Painted: 1927
Oil on canvas
36 x 29 in
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York

Blips and Ifs
Painted: 1906
Oil on canvas
71 1/8 x 53 1/8 in
Amon Carter Museum

784 x 1070 86.5K
86.5K, 784 x 1070

1067 x 785 88.2K
88.2K, 1067 x 785

Colonial Cubism
Painted: 1954
Oil on canvas
44 7/8 x 60 1/8 in
Walker Art Center

Edison Mazda
Painted: 1924
Oil on canvas
24 1/2 x 18 5/8 in
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York

796 x 1079 165.6K
165.6K, 796 x 1079

1097 x 768 97.3K
97.3K, 1097 x 768

Egg Beater No. 4
Painted: 1928
Oil on canvas
27 x 38 1/8 in
The Phillips Collection

G & W
Painted: 1944
Oil on canvas
18 3/4 x 11 5/8 in
Hirshhorn Museum

710 x 1186 142.6K
142.6K, 710 x 1186

1175 x 724 178.4K
178.4K, 1175 x 724

The Mellow Pad
Painted: 1945-51
Oil on canvas
26 x 42 in
Brooklyn Museum
New York

Owh! in San Pao
Painted: 1951
Oil on canvas
52 1/4 x 41 3/4 in
Whitney Museum of American Art
New York

828 x 1014 115.9K
115.9K, 828 x 1014