Fruit Dish, Glass, and Lemon (Still Life with Newspaper)

832 x 1035 118.6K
118.6K, 832 x 1035

Fruit Dish, Glass, and Lemon
Painted: 1916
Oil on canvas
73 x 60 cm
The Phillips Collection

Fruit Dish, Glass, and Lemon shows the remarkable degree to which Gris could manage black and white. His black is shadow, but it is schematically flattened, taking its place as a planar entity lying next to, not behind, the object whose reflection it is. Gris's black has many precedents in the art of his native Spain, yet his is as awesome as any in the country's history. White has the character of objectified light, as if a schematic rendering of the place where light is striking or reflecting. In the midst of these powerful contrasts appear the gold of the lemon and the rust color of the table.