Okey I got to commit it, but I have changed the old U.F.C-classificationsystem a little bit. Instead of having all pictures in different classes like: humans, dwarfs and heroes, I have split the artists into different classes, depending on motives. For instance, all painters that paints high-fantasy motives are selected in their class, High-Fantasy and all artists with sci-fi motives are selected into their category and so on. Remmeber to click on the word which is in the black table or the picture.

The High-Fantasy category is based on artists that simple paint highfantasy-motives. This selection might be a huge resource for roleplayers etc. Some Famous names are Brom, Chris Achilleos, Larry Elmore, Frank Franzetta and Jeff Easley, all known for their great capability to draw very realistic and incredibly detailed paintings.

The Mystic Fantasy category contains painters who paint fantasy in a more mystic way than the artists in the Highfantasy-class. The motifs have often a more none-realistic style. Some famous artists respresented in this category are: Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Joseph Linser, Don Maitz and Michel Whelan.
Mystic Fantasy

this category is for painters that have painted motives from the world of tolkien. You finally get the chance to discover J.R.R. Tolkien's wonderful words in images. Needless to say that some roleplayer might have some use of these pictures. Fameous painters that are represented in this category are: John Howe, Hildebrandt, Ted Nasmith, Agnus Mcbridge, Roger Garland and Lee Allen.

Can't be more easy to say than, that in the Sci-Fi section you will find artists that have Sci-Fi motives. Motives from a thinkable future, motives on aliens and so on. Fameous artists are John Berkey and H.R. Giger. And yes Webmusem stores more high-fantasy than Sci-Fi images

This Class shows pictures from artists who like to paint Nature-Motives